Art and Technology- Interview with Robert Michael Smith

 Robert Michael Smith, a pioneer in digital sculpting chats with host Bridgette Mongeon about the history of digital sculpting and future directions.

A personal note from the host- Bridgette Mongeon (icreate) I enjoyed talking with Robert Michael Smith. We covered so many interesting topics during the podcast. It seems appropriate to have this pioneer in digital work and a traditional sculptor for our first podcast interview. I am sorry that our podcast time is limited to 30 minutes as I had to edit out such great material. I'm glad he will return to talk about other topics in Art and Technology.

  Robert Michael Smith

  * A pioneer in digital technology and sculpting

* A traditional sculptor.

* Was founding web director of the International Sculpture Center

* Sat on the board of Directors of the International Sculpture Center

* 1993-2003 Bord member for the Manhattan chapter of SIGGRAPH

* President Emeritus of the Sculptors Guild, founding board member of the Digital Stone Project

* Professor NYIT Fine arts


* Featured in the Digital Stone Exhibition Sponsored by Autodesk 


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