Art and Technology 006- Digital Scanning and Milling

Art and Technology 0006

An Interview with Dan Gustafson Next Engine Scanner and Traditional Sculptor Mark Byrd

 Marketing Director at NextEngine 3d Scanners

Dan Gustafson- Marketing Director at NextEngine-3d Scanners

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Using digital technology such as scanning and milling in the traditional art studio is what I refer to as Tra-digi art. Dan Gustafson of the NextEngine Scanner and Traditional Sculptor Mark Byrd spend time with me talking about using the NextEngine scanner in the creating of life size traditional bronze sculptures. What are the advantages of using the scanner? What are the pitfalls to watch out for when incorporating this technology in your own studio?
Some of these concepts of digital scanning and printing were featured in chapter 7 of the Mudbox book.


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 The processes and pof 3d scanning are featured in chapter 7 of the Mudbox book.



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