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An introduction to the Art and Technology Podcast. Host Bridgette Mongeon and illustrator/writer Mike de la Flor talk about their hopes for digital, the Art and Technology podcast and the new book Digital Sculpting with Mudbox: Essential Tools and Techniques for Artist. 

A bit about the host Bridgette Mongeon Bridgette is a traditional sculptor and a writer. She has been creating podcasts for two years on various topics and looks forward to exploring art and technology with the community at Her passion for this subject is fueled by her ongoing graduate studies. She is also coauthor of the new Mudbox book and co-administrator for this website. Mike de la Flor Mike is a medical, illustrator/animator, instructor and writer. He is the author of several CG titles including the popular The Digital Biomedical Illustration Handbook. He has written dozens of articles for 3DWorld, Computer Arts, and MacWorld among other magazines. Mike is also the co-administrator of the website. 


Art and Technology Podcast  

“A fire side chat where innovation, creativity, technology and science meet.”



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